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An angry veterinarian says “I don’t understand…” (Reprise five years later)

It’s five years since the ARRA/HITECH legislation was passed that pretty much mandates that American medicine has to computerize. Policies created since then have been enormously effective at moving adoption forward. We still need vast improvements of the user interface, but things are moving in the right direction. Five years ago I myself was trying […]

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“How collaborating with patients improves hospital care”: Guardian

Care designers and fans of patient-centered care, listen up: a hat tip to Danish friend Malene Louise Djurhuus Laubinger for this, from The Guardian: How collaborating with patients improves hospital care. We’ve often said on this blog that participatory medicine can extend well beyond the care encounter, to the design of care itself. Ultimately, it leads to […]

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“Health cometh not from healthcare”

We often say here that clinicians should welcome activated patients. Hand in glove with that, we must also say: Yo, patients: get activated! Know what works, and act on it! Huzzah to Swedish SPM member and Parkinson’s patient Sara Riggare for this, on Facebook, which she got from SPM member Mighty Casey. (Notice a pattern?) It’s […]

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Response to “We need to talk about TED” from an evangelist’s perspective

The next day I made a correction per Dick Morris’s comment, and toned down some of my adjectives to be more suitable outside of our private listserv. Dr. Bratton, of course we welcome dialog.  In our Society for Participatory Medicine, part of our work is to change how people think about relationships in medicine. That involves […]

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How WebMD May Unfairly Influence Your Health Choices — Through Search

Go ahead and type in virtually any health or mental health condition into Google. Heck, even try a popular medication or two. Time and time again, you’ll notice a reliable trend — 2 or 3 of the top 10 search results are nearly always going to be WebMD. But not necessarily search results that link […]

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Breaking news: New Orleans health chief Dr. Karen DeSalvo Named to Head ONC

As we’ve said endlessly here (and in Washington), one of the key enablers of better healthcare is access to information. For that subject there’s no more important job in the world than America’s National Coordinator for Health IT, who runs ONC (Office of the National Coordinator) with our Health & Human Services department. New Orleans […]

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Susannah Fox: Field Guide to Pew’s new report “The Diagnosis Difference”

Susannah Fox of Pew Research had an important new study published today about the highest cost part of the healthcare budget: patients with one or more chronic conditions. If you care about the suffering of patients with never-ending conditions or the suffering of the healthcare budget, you’ll want to study this report. Check this two minute video […]

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Revised: *could have been* the biggest HIMSS news for e-patient families: CommonWell Health [data] Alliance

Update March 24: I’m retitling this post, and putting it on hold, pending resolution of important concerns raised by other members of our Society for Participatory Medicine. In particular, see Adrian Gropper’s posts on The Health Care  Blog. This is almost a retraction, pending whether CommonWell changes its position and actually becomes patient-driven. If not, I […]

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Health Affairs Patient Engagement Edition – with videos and commentary

The Health Affairs February 2013 issue is titled “New Era of Patient Engagement” and the content matches the title. Nick Dawson describes the day in his blog post Health Affairs is the new shirtless dancing guy Here’s a short extract from the blog post. It’s worth reading, it has other interesting tidbits. The briefing was […]

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SPM and HIMSS announce collaboration and tweet-up (and book!)

Adapted from a letter distributed this week to members of our Society for Participatory Medicine, by President Sarah Krug. The Society for Participatory Medicine is excited to announce our collaboration on a variety of initiatives with HIMSS, one of the nation’s leading health information technology groups. Upcoming webinar: Over the next few months, we will be […]

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