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Patients Invited! Health Informatics Conference seeks Patient Participation

An international conference addressing information technology and communication in health (ITCH) will be held February 26 – March 1, 2015 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Professor Stephen Hawking’s statement, “we learned to talk, we learned to listen, we unleashed imagination” provides the motivation for this year’s conference. The main conference themes are: Patients Talking The […]

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New ACP center will foster physician-patient collaboration : Internal Medicine News

4 minutes video in which Dr. Steven Weinberger describes why it is important to include patients in creating guidelines and decision-making processes. New ACP center will foster physician-patient collaboration : Internal Medicine News. (requires registration. I just used my email in the Lookup field, but you might need additional registering – free)  

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WikiProject Medicine: med students join in producing high quality Wikipedia articles. (You can, too.)

Significantly expanded, below the video, an hour after the first post. Peter Frishauf, member of the editorial board of our journal, has brought what is to me the most exciting news for participatory medicine since the OpenNotes project. Importantly, this news may have broader implications – because it addresses one of the core challenges of […]

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Crowdsourcing Curriculum on Consumer Health Informatics

What do you think should be included in a course in Consumer Health Informatics (CHI)  in a graduate medical informatics program? I know a graduate curriculum begging for input from the most engaged and empowered consumers, patient advocates, and technology and health professionals – passionate about participatory medicine. As faculty Oregon Health Science University, Department […]

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e-Patient Lisa Adams

In this guest blog post, member Carly Medosch describes Lisa Adams whom she knows from social media. Lisa Adams was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and documented her journey in social media. In another post below we describe the media firestorm that was caused by two articles that criticized her efforts. A hashtag was […]

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e-patient stories, key people, others' e-patient stories, patient networks, pts as teachers, social media

Regina Holliday: The Walking Gallery film

Regina Holliday and her Walking Gallery project are featured in a new short film. Here it is: The Walking Gallery of Healthcare from Eidolon Films on Vimeo. How a movement begins…

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e-Patient Manifesto: “Patients Included”

In 1517, Martin Luther nailed his “Ninety-Five Theses” to the wooden doors of Wittenberg Cathedral, sparking a global reformation of the Christian faith that’s still going on today. In the 1950s and 1960s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. worked to drive inclusion for all in a society that had long separated people of different backgrounds. […]

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Summit on Identifying Family Caregivers on Medical Records – by Suzanne Mintz

Below is a guest post by Suzanne Mintz, founder Family Caregiver Advocacy about a summit where patients and caregivers were an integral part of the healthcare redesign process. More and more you will see us featuring meetings and conferences that include patients and asking others to include patients and caregivers. Suzanne is a social entrepreneur, family caregiver […]

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Flip the Flip

Guest blogger Natasha Gajewski participated in the Flip the Clinic meeting at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Below are her observations about the meeting and a thought you might consider.  Natasha is an e-Patient and the developer of Symple, a symptom journal for he iPhone. She has been named a 2013 Stanford MedX ePatient scholar, TedMED Frontline […]

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Ruined Her Elbow, But Nothing Could Break Her Hope

SPM member Kelly Young is one of the most spectacular, potent, world-changing e-patients I’ve ever seen. (See our many posts here about her activism.) Aside from all her work on and her Foundation, see how she uses this case to teach. Peer-to-peer healthcare: NOTE: Did you or someone you know participate in a clinical […]

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