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Patients Invited! Health Informatics Conference seeks Patient Participation

An international conference addressing information technology and communication in health (ITCH) will be held February 26 – March 1, 2015 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Professor Stephen Hawking’s statement, “we learned to talk, we learned to listen, we unleashed imagination” provides the motivation for this year’s conference. The main conference themes are: Patients Talking The […]

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What Do ‘Engaged’ Patients Do?

Member Eve Harris wrote another great blog post for KQED – Public Media for Northern California. It is about one woman’s personal decision on how to treat her breast cancer. A short extract below: Basila is strong evidence that individuals react differently to their treatment choices. The new healthcare buzzword is the engaged patient, generally referring to […]

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practice variation

A “de-marketing strategy”

J.R. Schmitt tipped me off to a fascinating article published in 1997 (!) about a “de-marketing strategy” for the use of general anesthesia in dentistry in the UK: De-marketing: Putting Kotler and Levy’s Ideas into Practice, by Steven Lawther, Gerard B. Hastings, and R. Lowry (Be patient – you have to zoom and scroll to […]

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HBR blog: “The trouble with treating patients as consumers”

Edited a few minutes after the original post. Over on the Harvard Business Review blog a post yesterday is stirring up discussion. I hope well-informed SPM members can help shed some light in the comments there, citing as many specifics as you can. (As I compiled the paste-ins for this post, I was struck again […]

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Your Medical Mind: New book on *your* medical decision making process

In the past year I’ve come to see medical decision making as one of the key crucibles in which participatory medicine plays out. We’ve blogged several times about shared decision making (SDM), and by its nature it requires participatory thinking. A new book was published this week that adds substantially to my thinking: Your Medical […]

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“Who Can Fix Health Care?” Al Mulley’s talk at TEDx Dartmouth

Stop what you’re doing, as soon as possible, and spend 20 minutes watching this. It’s the most powerful short talk I’ve ever seen about health care. Our e-patient white paper is titled “e-Patients: How they can help heal healthcare.” In this talk from March’s TEDx Dartmouth, Al Mulley, MD, MPP doesn’t use the word e-patient, but […]

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NYTimes: Smaller hospitals often perform double CTs unnecessarily

Engaged patients and families, alert: the NY Times reports (here) on a form of unwarranted practice variation that has been exposing elders to excess radiation. Many smaller hospitals have been needlessly exposing their Medicare patients to double CT scans on the same day – one with a contrast dye, one without. Some do it on […]

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BMJ posts expert roundtable audio on Salzburg Statement and Shared Decision Making

The BMJ (British Medical Journal) has posted a three-part downloadable podcast about the Salzburg Statement. Part 1: History and current status of shared decision making. [26:04] Part 2: Vision of the future, and barriers to getting there. [23:31] Part 3: Informed doctors, informed patients. [35:48m] The participants were: Fiona Godlee, editor in chief, BMJ Angela Coulter, […]

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The discovery of practice variation: follow the data

It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts. Sherlock Holmes, in Scandal in Bohemia I’ve been reading Jack Wennberg’s new book Tracking Medicine, which is about his lifetime of work in understanding the reality of how medicine is […]

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Practice variation and shared decision making on CBS Evening News

In December we posted about practice variation and shared decision making (SDM), a field of research originated at Dartmouth decades ago and best known as publisher of the Dartmouth Atlas, which describes the amazing amount of unexplained variation in how many doctors prescribe what, in different areas of the country. For me personally this has been […]

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