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Regina Holliday: The Walking Gallery film

Regina Holliday and her Walking Gallery project are featured in a new short film. Here it is: The Walking Gallery of Healthcare from Eidolon Films on Vimeo. How a movement begins…

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How do we know that social media is important to health care?

A cross-post from… On Friday, I spoke at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, along with Kevin Pho, MD. During a planning call, the symposium organizers had shared results from a faculty survey: Fully two-thirds do not use social tools on a regular basis. Asking them, therefore, to spend a half-day learning about social media […]

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Join #s4pm tweetchat Saturday 10/12 at 3pm ET

We’re organizing a tweetchat this Saturday – October 12 at 3 PM ET to welcome MedX partcipants into the Society for Participatory Medicine. We will discuss our communications tools, and other topics of interset to our members: e-patients, health care social media, and patient-centered design. Come meet the friends you made at MedX and share […]

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New #S4PM tweetchat series kicks off Saturday 9/14 at 3pm Eastern

SPM is launching a tweetchat series this Saturday, Sept. 14 at 3pm Eastern, 7pm GMT (use The World Clock [link:] to find your time zone). The chat will be led by Casey Quinlan, @MightyCasey; Ileana Balcu, @Yogileana; and Carla Berg, @Confluently. We’ll be hosting an #s4pm tweetchat on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month, with our 2nd […]

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Lisanne St Onge Klute: The Power of Social Healthcare; Becoming an Empowered Patient and Surviving a Cavernous Malformation of the Brainstem

This guest post was written by Lisanne St. Onge Klute and originally appeared on The Story of iPatchman, a blog for e-patients with brain tumors. It is a great example of the power of social media for helping e-patients find the best treatment. Thanks to Akiva Zablocki, the blog’s editor and founder, for bringing Lisanne’s […]

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How Things Change

SPM member Jody Schoger’s post “Cancer: Part Two” at her blog Women with Cancer landed with a big thud on April 26. Schoger was recently diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. She’s a co-founder of #bcsm (breast cancer social media), one of the highest rated Tweetchats with almost 6,000 tweets per month. In less than two years the group has gained […]

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Tweetchat on Wed March 20 about Gimme my DAM Data, Blue Button Plus and Commonwell

Please join us for a tweetchat this evening – Wednesday March 20 at 8 PM ET/ 5PM PT. We’ll talk about: What’s new with Gimme my DAM Data #gmdd ? – Wall Street Journal picked the story at SXSW conference Blue Button Plus – why should patients fight for it? #bluebuttonplus #abbi CommonWell alliance […]

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HIMSS blog featured e-Patient Dave

The HIMSS blog features e-Patient Dave, the 5 Es of e-Patients and how social media can help. For whatever reason – whether it’s budget, time, buy-in or understanding – healthcare hasn’t fully embraced social media. But luckily the ePatient movement has already—perhaps unknowingly—done the grunt work and outlined the tenets of realizing social media’s […]

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Sincerity in the storm (welcome to our world)

Hurricane Sandy “slapped the snark out of Twitter” for media reporter David Carr. In his column today, Carr discusses a newfound sense of community, which will sound familiar to anyone who uses social media to navigate an acute or chronic health condition: – Twitter turns serious during a crisis – Certain users and hashtags can […]

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Social Media Breakfast – Healthcare in the Social Media Era

If you are in Boston this Friday, you can attend the Social Media Breakfast. The SPM member Alicia Staley will present the progress of the  #bcsm (breast cancer social media) community. Other speakers will be there as well and it only costs $8.00. For more details and registration, use the link Friday July 20, 2012 from […]

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