Why I joined


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How I became an e-patient: through practice, with coaching (using Lean on the patient side)

The next in our series of “How I became an e-patient” posts. Tyson Ortiz joined a few months ago, having been introduced to us by fellow Lean practitioner Mark Graban. His story weaves together two concurrent threads: learning about a new aspect of Lean, and the arrival in his life of an urgent need for […]

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Why I joined

Why I joined SPM – and why maybe you should!

Guest post by John Hoben, who joined our Society in 2014 and has been a major contributor to discussions on our member listserv. He recently joined our board of directors. He has a particularly great story – he actually met Doc Tom long ago! – and I asked him to capture it here for our […]

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Participatory Medicine: An Administrator’s Point of View

Guest post by Mark Reifsteck [left], who joined our Society in 2014. Follow him on Twitter at @MarkWReifsteck. To become a member, individually or organizationally, see our Join Us page. It started innocently enough: I made an off-handed comment on the SPM member listserv about tone-deaf (my term) administration of a healthcare institution, which prompted […]

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How can we achieve shared work, connection, and communication?

Peter Elias MD is a member at large on SPM’s board of directors. He’s a primary care physician in Maine who, when I first met him at a speaking event, said he’s always practiced this way but didn’t know it had a name – participatory medicine. He’s active both in our member community and in our executive committee’s biweekly […]

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on the complexity of problems and ePatients as innovators

One of our Society’s best kept secrets is the composition of our membership. And lately, some of my best collaborations are coming out of conversations with fellow members. Last week, as I frenetically packed for a trip, I was chatting on the phone with our own e-Patient Dave. We were talking about the Movement, some […]

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Thanks from the Philippines

In this guest blog post, member Beatrice Tiangco describes some of the pain and suffering in the Philippines after the typhoon and expresses her gratitude for the SPM, local community and overall support. Beatrice Tiangco is a practicing Medical Oncologist from the Philippines. She is also a Clinical Epidemiologist with a special interest in Personalized […]

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New SPM Members Bring Magic Levers and Untanglers for Healthcare

This listserv exchange between new Society for Participatory Medicine members is a nice example of how “newbie” e-patients often come to us with decades of experience and well-honed (and well-blogged) philosophies of what healthcare should be and can be.   From: Danny van Leeuwen Subject: Re: Greetings from a new member As a newbie to […]

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“People without medical background can understand if you tell it in a language they understand”

In the latest post in our Why I Joined SPM series, guest blogger Dr. Nabin Sapkota shares his story of discovering that patients like to be taught what’s going on, and how this replaced what he’d lost when he gave up doing teaching rounds. Every “why I joined” post is inspiring to me, but this one brought me […]

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Ileana Balcu: The marriage of HIT with quality, transparency and cooperation between patients and doctors

In the latest post in our Why I Joined SPM series, guest blogger Ileana Balcu shares her story of pain, searching, and finally healing, once she discovered the e-patient community. Follow her on Twitter at @yogileana. It was 2002 and I was happily pregnant. I thought I’d read all I could about pregnancy. But scary […]

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Kathy Kastner: Why I joined is not why I’ve stayed

Guest blogger Kathy Kastner shares her experience as an SPM member. Her website, Ability4Life, offers resources for participatory family caregivers. When I first heard the words “Participatory Medicine” I felt fully in synch, even without delving into its practical day-to-day application(s). I heard e-Patient Dave and Danny Sands speak and I was energized by the […]

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