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Dennis Quaid’s “Chasing Zero”

Actor Dennis Quaid has produced an outstanding, informative, empowering and motivating CME* program, “Chasing Zero: Winning the War on Healthcare Harm.” It’s on the Discovery Channel. Part 1 is here. This is the best-produced material I’ve seen to change how so much of the healthcare industry has its head in the sand about the possibility […]

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medical records, policy issues, pt/doc co-care, trends & principles

Dennis Quaid on Electronic Medical Records (CBS Sunday Morning)

Actor Dennis Quaid has become an advocate for electronic medical records. In 2007 his 12 day old twins received a massive accidental overdose (10,000 units of heparin instead of 10 units), a near-fatal error that could have been prevented by the kind of bar code technology that the VA has been using for decades. (Yes, folks, […]

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