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Sips with the Society: SPM Receptions at Health 2.0 and Connected Health Summit

As the sweet days of summer 2016 start to wane, it’s time to make plans to attend key fall conferences. This year, the Society for Participatory Medicine is hosting Sips With The Society – meet and great receptions at Health 2.0 in Santa Clara and the Connected Health Symposium in Boston. If you’re attending either […]

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OpenNotes in the news: Now 3 million patients – and mental health, too

We’ve often written here about the OpenNotes study (here’s a site search), which documented that when patients can see what their clinicians wrote, the sky doesn’t fall; instead, all kinds of good things happen. This is game-changing, even world-changing for how we conduct medicine: As I’ve often said, “People perform better when they’re informed better,” […]

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Participatory Democracy, Participatory Medicine

A sneak preview of my remarks at the “Health 2.0 meets Information Therapy” conference appears on the IxCenterBlog: Participatory Democracy, Participatory Medicine. A good discussion of the issues has already begun there and on The Health Care Blog.

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