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“Inviting the patient’s perspective” paper: today’s needs, 25 years ago *this week!*

March 1, 1992. 25 years ago. Yesterday I asked When was “Enriching the relationship by inviting the patient perspective” published? The words in that paper’s abstract [right] could have been written today – literally every word. It was printworthy a quarter century ago Wednesday, and it still is today. Why? It’s appeared here repeatedly: despite the scientific nature […]

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Communicate What? #CarePlanning

I want to share a family story and show how it connects to something we’ll all face, where real participatory thinking – and communication – make all the difference. My wife and I built a house together – the whole house, everything except drilling the well. While building, living in it and improving it over […]

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A first: Participatory Medicine thinking in the Harvard Business Review

As kindlers and promoters of a social movement, our Society for Participatory Medicine keeps a keen eye out for signs of traction in credible places for what we’ve been advocating since 2009: Participatory Medicine is a model of cooperative health care that seeks to achieve active involvement by patients, professionals, caregivers, and others across the continuum […]

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In our journal: exploration of gardening to foster engagement in stroke patients

A new article in our Journal of Participatory Medicine explores an area that apparently has had no prior literature: the effect of gardening on how well stroke patients engage in their care. From the abstract: Five main themes were identified from interviews and diaries: 1) the positive experience of nature, 2) therapeutic gardening as a protected self-expression […]

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How I became an e-patient: through practice, with coaching (using Lean on the patient side)

The next in our series of “How I became an e-patient” posts. Tyson Ortiz joined a few months ago, having been introduced to us by fellow Lean practitioner Mark Graban. His story weaves together two concurrent threads: learning about a new aspect of Lean, and the arrival in his life of an urgent need for […]

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50 million more patients to get OpenNotes! Huge win for empowered partnership!

Big news: a multi-foundation $10 million grant will spread OpenNotes access to fifty million more patients! Nearly 20% of America will have full access to their providers’ visit notes, so they can review them from anywhere! Regular readers know we’ve always been loud fans of the OpenNotes project. Initially funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation […]

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“Patients organise and train doctors to provide better care”: patients writing in the BMJ

As SPM advances the cause of patients as responsible drivers of their care, we sometimes hear denials or complaints from physicians who feel that e-patients needy, uninformed, self-centered burdens on busy clinicians’ time. Well, here’s a juicy counter-example – in the BMJ, one of the world’s leading medical journals. Swedish SPM member Sara Riggare is co-author of this […]

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New in our journal: Evaluation of a Lay Health Educator Model with Low-Income Latinas

Our society’s open-access Journal of Participatory Medicine has not gotten enough play, so to speak, on this blog. Let’s try posting something about each article as it emerges. Email subscribers will receive them like any other post; online these posts will appear in the “Found on the Net” sidebar at bottom right. Participatory Group Prenatal Education […]

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The truth about that “your Googling and my medical degree” mug

I can’t tell you how many people have flung this Facebook item at me since last night, starting with my wife. :-) It’s already approaching 25,000 shares. (Update: at 11am ET on Dec 1 it’s up to 73,000 shares in 48 hours. I’d say it’s going viral…) Listen, people: Googling does not mean I think I’m a […]

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Dr. Danny Sands explains what participatory medicine is and isn’t (great 5 minute video)

Dr. Danny Sands is one of the co-founders of our Society for Participatory Medicine, a great primary care physician, and a real thought leader who’s been doing this modern stuff for twenty years. (He co-authored the first journal paper on how to do patient-clinician email without ruining the doc’s life – in 1998!) Last month […]

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