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OpenNotes hits TEN MILLION patient level

As regular readers know, for years we’ve been blogging here about OpenNotes, in which patients and their designated caregivers can read every word their clinicians write, so they can be more informed. The OpenNotes tagline, “Doctors and patients on the same page,” is no joke: I was one of the subjects in the study, and I’ve […]

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Health 2.0: first conference to offer Patient Activist awards. Vote!

Voting ends Sunday July 31 Patient activists who attend conferences know that it’s been a long climb to get patient voices welcomed. The #PatientsIncluded movement has been around for years, making small dents, but Health 2.0 is one of the best: while they don’t provide stipends to cover travel costs, they admit patients and caregivers to […]

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CCCC conference announces inaugural class of palliative care e-patients

Guest post by SPM member Liz Salmi of CCCC, an organizational member and supporter of our Society for Participatory Medicine. Note also (at bottom) that this event provides a model for other organizations to follow: patient participation is enabled by a foundation grant. In our society, talking about serious illness and death and dying is often difficult. Having these […]

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Participatory Medicine: An Administrator’s Point of View

Guest post by Mark Reifsteck [left], who joined our Society in 2014. Follow him on Twitter at @MarkWReifsteck. To become a member, individually or organizationally, see our Join Us page. It started innocently enough: I made an off-handed comment on the SPM member listserv about tone-deaf (my term) administration of a healthcare institution, which prompted […]

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Guest Post by Matthew Katz, MD: E-Patients Deserve E-Doctors

Matthew S. Katz, MD, is the Medical Director of Radiation Oncology at Lowell General Hospital and a lifetime member of S4PM. He is former Chair of Communications Committee for the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) and external advisor for Mayo Clinic’s Center for Social Media. He is co-moderator of the #radonc journal club and […]

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“Activate your super-patient powers”: Public event (free!) at Brown next Monday

Cross-posted from my own site. This is about a free, non-commercial event that’s intended to be a radical exploration of a new way to discuss participatory thinking with people who don’t live in health policy circles – ordinary citizens! ______ For years I’ve been saying that this movement won’t really be creating change until it gets […]

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American Heart Association journal announces new Patient Viewpoints

The American Heart Association journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes has announced a new Patient or Caregiver Viewpoint section in the journal. Viewpoints will be authored by patients or their caregivers and will discuss the patient’s experience of heart disease, stroke, or other cardiovascular disease and their interactions with the healthcare system. As Harlan Krumholz […]

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Summit on Identifying Family Caregivers on Medical Records – by Suzanne Mintz

Below is a guest post by Suzanne Mintz, founder Family Caregiver Advocacy about a summit where patients and caregivers were an integral part of the healthcare redesign process. More and more you will see us featuring meetings and conferences that include patients and asking others to include patients and caregivers. Suzanne is a social entrepreneur, family caregiver […]

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Let’s bring “e-patient” to geriatrics

At the extraordinary Stanford Medicine X conference I connected with SPM member Leslie Kernisan (Twitter @GeriTechBlog), a geriatrician who’s deeply interested in and committed to enabling elders and caregivers through patient and family engagement. We recorded a spur-of-the-moment five minute conversation about her vision, and by the end we realized it would be great to start […]

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Medication Management: Experience of Engaged Clinicians and Empowered Patients

The overlap between the clinical aspects of our health journey and behavior of health team members occurs most often in medication management. Effective medication management depends on empowered, informed patients and caregivers prepared for clinician visits, and engaged clinicians skilled at working with activated patients. This strong relationship of health team members advances patient safety, […]

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