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The OpenNotes project goes wide: a million patients and families enabled by information!

Updated Sept. 6: I’d forgotten that as we posted in June, Cleveland Clinic announced open access too, adding a half million patients to the total. Big news is emerging from the OpenNotes® project: big institutions are making patient access to the medical record Standard Operating Procedure. For the first time, an unprecedented number of patients and […]

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ONC’s new Query Health initiative – what’s in it for e-Patients?

This is a guest post by SPM member John Sharp, Manager of Research Informatics at the Cleveland Clinic. John gets it about how information empowers healthcare and e-patients. I first met him at Medicine 2.0 in Toronto, 2009, after which he wrote an article for our Journal of Participatory Medicine, which began: “If you have not […]

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Clinical Trial Data Rights?

“If you expose human beings to an experimental treatment, the public has a fundamental right to see the results of those experiments.” – Steven Nissen, chairman of the cardiology department at the Cleveland Clinic, quoted in The Sunlight Foundation’s account of Bray Patrick-Lake, an e-patient who has left with only questions after a clinical trial […]

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Journal of Participatory Medicine and e-Patients

A guest post by John Sharp of the Cleveland Clinic: If you have not read the e-Patient White Paper, you do not understand the future of medicine. Being an e-Patient is beyond being empowered. The subtitle of the paper, “How they can help us heal healthcare,” describes the potential for a revolution of change. Why […]

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