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The OpenNotes project goes wide: a million patients and families enabled by information!

Updated Sept. 6: I’d forgotten that as we posted in June, Cleveland Clinic announced open access too, adding a half million patients to the total. Big news is emerging from the OpenNotes® project: big institutions are making patient access to the medical record Standard Operating Procedure. For the first time, an unprecedented number of patients and […]

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On the road to shared office visits

Guest blogger Peter Elias, MD  describes his journey on opening up his office notes to patients. Peter is a family physician in active primary care practice since 1977, co-founder of a group practice now owned by a hospital-based multi specialty group, with a dedication to patient centric care and interests in behavior and learning, information science, systems […]

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How Things Change

SPM member Jody Schoger’s post “Cancer: Part Two” at her blog Women with Cancer landed with a big thud on April 26. Schoger was recently diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. She’s a co-founder of #bcsm (breast cancer social media), one of the highest rated Tweetchats with almost 6,000 tweets per month. In less than two years the group has gained […]

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Finally! An initiative from *within* science to reproduce studies. (And not everyone likes it.)

Addition Oct 2014: added link to the Reproducibility Initiative, now at Correction Monday morning: the project is called the Reproducibility Initiative, not Project. Also, note that we got a comment from co-founder Elizabeth Iorns – discuss! I happened to catch friend Ivan Oransky of RetractionWatch on NPR’s Science Friday last week, and caught an item […]

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