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Sep 26 – Patient Summit on Diagnosis in Alexandria, VA

To all in the Washington/Baltimore/northern Virginia area (and elsewhere if you care to travel!): The patient committee of the Society for Improved Diagnosis in Medicine would like to invite you to our second annual Patient Summit on Diagnosis. The summit is part of the pre-conference program of the Diagnostic Error in Medicine conference and takes place […]

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Beth Israel Deaconess FAQ for their patients reading OpenNotes

Clarification 9/7: The FAQ posted below is of course authored by my hospital, not by me. Several people misunderstood so I edited this and the headline. On Wednesday I posted about the roll-out of OpenNotes to over a million patients and families. That post arose when I myself got notified that Beth Israel Deaconess (my […]

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On the road to shared office visits

Guest blogger Peter Elias, MD  describes his journey on opening up his office notes to patients. Peter is a family physician in active primary care practice since 1977, co-founder of a group practice now owned by a hospital-based multi specialty group, with a dedication to patient centric care and interests in behavior and learning, information science, systems […]

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“Father Knows Best”: Vint Cerf on what innovation really is

For those who like to look deep into the structure and causes of change, something fun is in process: an interview with Vint Cerf, with an explicit e-patient component. Cerf is acknowledged as one of the fathers of the internet. In my lifetime few people, if any, have contributed more to ground-breaking, earth-shaking change. The interview […]

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ER tweet: “If my husband dies, I’m going to go [eff]ing ballistic”

When Benn Rosales had a heart attack in December, his wife Lani, a very active member of the Twitterati, tweeted throughout the experience. Afterward she thought to compile those tweets as a record of Benn’s e-patient experience: “this hospital is understaffed and we’re being sh*t on because of it. if my husband dies i’m going […]

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Unleash the Hot Talent: A Letter from a Patient

This is a guest post from Christine Kraft, Twitter friend @ChristineKraft. She’s a pensive, musey blogger at CocoVillage, and “wicked smaht,” as we say in Boston. She’s also the one who introduced us to Regina Holliday last year. She recognizes talent when she sees it – and here, she plays the role of patient as ingenue, […]

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The Pew Internet/Health FAQ

A big part of my job, and one I love, is answering questions, mostly from reporters. Sometimes I have just the data or insight someone needs, often I recommend someone else. Here is a sample of frequently-asked questions and my current answers. Please add your questions and answers in the comments: What are you curious […]

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Dx: Revolting.   Rx: Revolt.

Tuesday night, endorsement #906 on HealthDataRights.org came from a Judy Beckman, who says: “I agree all the way I cannot get MY records unless I pay for MY records $1.00 per page WHY WHY these are MINE???????????” Indeed, why? Whose data is it, anyway? This spring I’ve been learning (slowly) about HIPAA – the immense […]

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E-patient Interview: Sheryl Stein

Sheryl Stein, known to many as “wrekehavoc,” dispenses her wisdom and humor on a 6,000-member online community of parents (using good old listserve technology) and on her blog. In this third edition of our e-patient interviews, Sheryl talks about the power of community and how “reaching out via the internet is now an ingrained habit […]

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