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From OpenNotes to OurNotes: New project heads toward *real* participatory medicine

I’m beyond thrilled. Way beyond thrilled. This is going to take some figuring out, but is this what we’ve been striving toward, or what?? For years we’ve written here about the OpenNotes study (MyOpenNotes.org), funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which established that when patients can read their doctors’ unedited visit notes – the hairy detailed medicalese […]

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SPM Response to ONC RFI on Advancing Interoperability of EHRs and HIE

With the tireless help of Adrian Gropper, and the counsel of executive committee members Michael Millenson and Danny Sands who went above and beyond, and our President Sarah Krüg, the Society for Participatory Medicine’s Public Policy Committee completed a last-minute blitz and submitted comments in response to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health […]

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Revised: *could have been* the biggest HIMSS news for e-patient families: CommonWell Health [data] Alliance

Update March 24: I’m retitling this post, and putting it on hold, pending resolution of important concerns raised by other members of our Society for Participatory Medicine. In particular, see Adrian Gropper’s posts on The Health Care  Blog. This is almost a retraction, pending whether CommonWell changes its position and actually becomes patient-driven. If not, I […]

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ICMCC: Perhaps the single most valuable e-patient info site

In last weekend’s post about “patients want all their data” I said I wished I’d known about the article (published mid-May) during last summer’s health data debates in Washington. Incredible Dutch e-patient Lodewijk Bos tweaked me, saying he’d posted it the day it was released. That led me to ask him to offer email subscriptions. […]

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Imagine someone had been managing your data: next anecdote

Next anecdote about poorly managed medical data: Amen! Just had an incident where my SS# was attached to a different patient’s name in the electronic med record. And the health facility will not tell me where the error occured, or how long someone else’s name was linked to my ss# and my medical record. Discovered […]

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