We’re partnering to support The Big Heist!

The Society of Participatory Medicine (SPM) is excited to announce that we’re partnering with The Big Heist to accelerate building a Health 3.0 world, where patients actively participate and are empowered to control and improve their care. The Big Heist will be a feature film—healthcare’s The Big Short + The Daily Show + Super Size […]

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OpenNotes hits TEN MILLION patient level

As regular readers know, for years we’ve been blogging here about OpenNotes, in which patients and their designated caregivers can read every word their clinicians write, so they can be more informed. The OpenNotes tagline, “Doctors and patients on the same page,” is no joke: I was one of the subjects in the study, and I’ve […]

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#DocTom10, post 3: The preface and the paradigm

Third in our #DocTom10 series, which started here.  Yesterday I asked that you download Ferguson’s white paper, the manifesto he was working on when he died unexpectedly, ten years ago tomorrow. Today we’ll look at the preface. The lost section: questioning the paradigm When I first read the White Paper in January 2008, this section was […]

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Watch: Webcast – patient engagement from the patient’s point of view

Matthew S. Katz, MD, is the Medical Director of Radiation Oncology at Lowell General Hospital and a lifetime member of S4PM. He is former Chair of Communications Committee for the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) and external advisor for Mayo Clinic’s Center for Social Media. He is co-moderator of the #radonc journal club and […]

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“Lighting Goes to Ground”: Peter Elias responds to Paul Levy in JoPM

Perhaps it’s time for an argument about how we’re doing this. Many of us in the Society for Participatory Medicine have long noted that what we’re up to here is nothing less than full-bore culture change. In my own speeches I often note that culture is the set of shared beliefs about what’s possible and expectations […]

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For the #MedX “year of doing”: “Don’t be a nail”

Our movement seems to be entering a turning point, and today Paul Levy’s blog had a great example. The change is embodied by the 2015 theme of our e-patient conference buddies at Medicine X: “This is the year of doing.” In my view this means two things: bringing it from concepts into specific actions everyone should […]

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How to be Participatory in the Face of Adversity

From the lens of a patient who recently experienced major surgery, I now realize how difficult it is to be participatory when you are in pain and taking large doses of pain medication which dulls the senses and puts you in a place where you are not really thinking about anything but how to get […]

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Must-hear: four Journal of Participatory Medicine contributors discuss how we know what we know

Last night I got word of an unexpected treat: an hour-long conversation between some real experts about participatory medicine. It’s on Andrew Schorr’s Patient Power site – he and his team are powerhouses as well, and they produced a special hour-long audio program. I encourage you to start playing it like a radio program, as […]

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