OpenNotes on stage at live Washington Post event

Tuesday morning in Washington, the Post hosted a 2-1/2 hour event on improving healthcare, with numerous speakers on several topics. Of special interest to SPM is this 26 minute segment that includes OpenNotes, which we’ve often written about. OpenNotes director Tom Delbanco is one of the three speakers. He describes the historic origin of OpenNotes and […]

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EHR? What is it good for?

I live in a small country: Sweden has the population of Michigan on the land area of California, so you shouldn’t really have even heard of us. But I guess that ABBA, IKEA, H&M and the Nobel Prize sort of helps :). Living in a small country of course has both pros and cons, and […]

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What’s the PATIENT value in health IT?

Since HIMSS14, there’s been a robust discussion on the SPM listserv about the “business of IT” in healthcare. There were a number of our number present in Orlando for the HIMSS conference, with some of them appearing on the platform. The conversation on our listserv, which you can read if you’re a member (If you’re […]

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Evernote is my EMR

This post originally appeared on NickDawson.net here.    Spoiler alert: I’m not dying and there doesn’t appear to be anything major wrong with me. I know, you hate spoilers. But I thought I’d get that one out of there way. It makes the rest of this considerably more pleasant for us both. I’ve got a new personal […]

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Medication Management: Experience of Engaged Clinicians and Empowered Patients

The overlap between the clinical aspects of our health journey and behavior of health team members occurs most often in medication management. Effective medication management depends on empowered, informed patients and caregivers prepared for clinician visits, and engaged clinicians skilled at working with activated patients. This strong relationship of health team members advances patient safety, […]

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Danny van Leeuwen: The Right Information in My Health Record

Danny van Leeuwen, Opa MPH RN CPHQ is a patient (Multiple Sclerosis), a caregiver, a nurse, and a leader. A version of this piece originally appeared on his blog, Health Hats. What do we e-Patients need in our electronic health records? Help by sharing in the comments: 1) The scenarios where medical record content was […]

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Nancy Finn: Collaborative Teams that Include Patients Make Care Coordination Possible

Today’s guest blogger, author and SPM Secretary Nancy Finn, originally posted this essay on her personal blog. Care coordination requires that the right information reaches the right people within an optimal time frame, so that a patient’s full information is always at the point of care, and all of the follow-up clinical work, as well […]

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ONC Video: It’s time healthcare caught up with the way we live the rest of our lives

I’ve been in healthcare for awhile, yet must admit that a lot of information packaged for patients/consumers is pretty dry and not too creative. Content, often developed by health professionals or educators, can be medical-heavy and design-light. My litmus test when when I see something is simple. Can I figure out what it’s about? Is […]

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Fred Trotter: Data, damn data, and statistics

Why does this blog use the word “damn” so often? A search produces a whopping 38 hits, such as: Fools! Damn fools! And Medical Science (Right, Santa??) Atlantic: Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science “Gimme my damn data!” The stage is being set to enable patient-driven disruptive innovation Lies, Damn Lies And Statistics: Collective Statistical […]

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Bye Bye Google Health

Like so many attempts before it — drkoop.com and RevolutionHealth.com to name just two — Google has found that implementing personal health records in a meaningful way is really, really hard. So hard, in fact, that it has given up and is shuttering its Google Health service, after just 3 years being open to the […]

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