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OpenNotes hits TEN MILLION patient level

As regular readers know, for years we’ve been blogging here about OpenNotes, in which patients and their designated caregivers can read every word their clinicians write, so they can be more informed. The OpenNotes tagline, “Doctors and patients on the same page,” is no joke: I was one of the subjects in the study, and I’ve […]

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Cleveland Clinic To Give Patients Full Access to Data

Healthcare IT News posted a detailed story about how the Cleveland Clinic plans to roll out its new MyChart EMR to give patients complete access to their health records by the end of 2013. According to the article, the Cleveland Clinic believes this move is “the right thing to do because it will give patients […]

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ONC’s new Query Health initiative – what’s in it for e-Patients?

This is a guest post by SPM member John Sharp, Manager of Research Informatics at the Cleveland Clinic. John gets it about how information empowers healthcare and e-patients. I first met him at Medicine 2.0 in Toronto, 2009, after which he wrote an article for our Journal of Participatory Medicine, which began: “If you have not […]

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ICMCC: Perhaps the single most valuable e-patient info site

In last weekend’s post about “patients want all their data” I said I wished I’d known about the article (published mid-May) during last summer’s health data debates in Washington. Incredible Dutch e-patient Lodewijk Bos tweaked me, saying he’d posted it the day it was released. That led me to ask him to offer email subscriptions. […]

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Why Electronic Medical Records Still Leak

I hear it time and time again in the e-health industry: “If only we had everyone on an electronic medical record, all of our security and privacy issues would be solved!” Really? Perhaps I should introduce you to a little something psychologists like to call “human behavior.” Human behavior will always trump technology when it […]

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Dennis Quaid on Electronic Medical Records (CBS Sunday Morning)

Actor Dennis Quaid has become an advocate for electronic medical records. In 2007 his 12 day old twins received a massive accidental overdose (10,000 units of heparin instead of 10 units), a near-fatal error that could have been prevented by the kind of bar code technology that the VA has been using for decades. (Yes, folks, […]

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“Meaningful Use”: a pivotal definition for new-wave medical records systems

I’ve struggled with what to say about this subject for two weeks, because I want to “get it right” but it’s vast. So I’m giving up any hope of being comprehensive, and I’m just going to say what little I know, and what I think, and let any discussion happen from there.

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