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Monday: Watch the Consumer Health IT Summit live. Our time is here!

Monday Sept. 16 is the 2013 Consumer Health IT Summit. That means we, the patients, are the focus – we and our data, of course! – along with the providers (doctors, nurses, practices, hospitals) who serve us. You can watch live, online, without prior registration. But you need Adobe Flash Player so be sure you […]

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Beth Israel Deaconess FAQ for their patients reading OpenNotes

Clarification 9/7: The FAQ posted below is of course authored by my hospital, not by me. Several people misunderstood so I edited this and the headline. On Wednesday I posted about the roll-out of OpenNotes to over a million patients and families. That post arose when I myself got notified that Beth Israel Deaconess (my […]

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State of the Meme, summer 2012

We’re not in it for “the eyeballs,” as they say in the world of website marketing: this isn’t a blog that obsesses about pageviews, unique visitors etc, for purposes of selling ads. (We don’t do ads, we don’t do link exchanges, etc.) But the Society for Participatory Medicine sure is working to increase the world’s […]

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Alpha Geeks in Health Care

Here’s how tech guru Tim O’Reilly describes his work: So often, signs of the future are all around us, but it isn’t until much later that most of the world realizes their significance. Meanwhile, the innovators who are busy inventing that future live in a world of their own. They see and act on premises […]

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Access is (almost) everything

Or: Why health geeks should pay attention to internet access geeks. The Pew Research Center’s Hispanic Project and Internet Project just released an in-depth look at internet penetration across racial and ethnic categories in the U.S.: Latinos Online, 2006-2008 From 2006 to 2008, internet use among Latino adults rose by 10 percentage points, from 54% to 64%.  […]

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