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NEJM Data Analysis Challenge: can others create value by seeing researchers’ data?

This is big. Please share it with anyone you know who’s a believer in open data. You may have heard that back in January the New England Journal of Medicine created a firestorm by saying “parasites” about people who want to see a researcher’s original data. Many (including Vice President Biden, at Health Datapalooza (video)) have objected strongly, saying […]

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From OpenNotes to OurNotes: New project heads toward *real* participatory medicine

I’m beyond thrilled. Way beyond thrilled. This is going to take some figuring out, but is this what we’ve been striving toward, or what?? For years we’ve written here about the OpenNotes study (MyOpenNotes.org), funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which established that when patients can read their doctors’ unedited visit notes – the hairy detailed medicalese […]

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Joe Kvedar’s “cHealth blog” (Connected Health)

We’re long overdue in welcoming Joe Kvedar MD of Partners Healthcare to the blogosphere. From his About page: “The term “connected health” reflects the range of opportunities for technology-enabled care programs and the potential for new strategies in healthcare delivery. “A division of Partners HealthCare, the Center for Connected Health works with Harvard Medical School-affiliated […]

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Why Participatory Medicine?

For most people, their impetus to be actively engaged in healthcare comes from an experience with serious illness—either their own or a loved one’s. My journey into participatory medicine began during my internal medicine residency at Boston City Hospital, a public urban hospital, in the late 1980s.  While there, I had a number of realizations […]

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Patients first. Doctors second.

An Op-Ed piece at the healthcare blog, written by 2 MDs from Harvard Medical School is pretty clear! For those of us who believe the time has come for participatory medicine, the following quote is particularly interesting: Empowering patients should be the first step in transforming American healthcare. The central question that policy makers should […]

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Personalized Medicine, the Next Frontier

Nancy B. Finn is a journalist with an expertise in the implementation of digital communications in health care. This is her second guest post on e-patients.net: When an individual patient visits his or her doctor with a problem, traditional clinical diagnosis is made and treatment is administered based on the patient’s symptoms, medical and family […]

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