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The Iceberg Waiting for Your Health Care Data

The Heartbleed web security exploit was first publicized several weeks ago. In the time since then, numerous web-based services have let their users know (some more clearly than others) whether and how their data security was compromised by this OpenSSL flaw that has been open for about two years. This is one flaw, one exploit, […]

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New paradigm in data sharing and analysis?

A Perspectives piece I wrote was published this week by iHealthBeat – Unlocking the Power of Health Data. In it I argue for patient-controlled sharing of rich data, as opposed to HIPAA-regulated stripping of identifiers in order to eliminate the risk to patient privacy as data is shared for research and other purposes. Googler Larry […]

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#patientgate – digital recordings change everything

Glyn Elwyn, a very smart guy/MD who’s currently thinking deep thoughts at Dartmouth, was a participant at the undisclosed location on the undisclosed project I was involved in two weeks ago. He’s posted a real barn-burner on BMJ. Its headline: “Patientgate” – digital recordings change everything There’s a hash associated with this, which is #patientgate […]

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medical records, policy issues, reforming hc, trends & principles

What’s the PATIENT value in health IT?

Since HIMSS14, there’s been a robust discussion on the SPM listserv about the “business of IT” in healthcare. There were a number of our number present in Orlando for the HIMSS conference, with some of them appearing on the platform. The conversation on our listserv, which you can read if you’re a member (If you’re […]

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Regina Holliday: The Walking Gallery film

Regina Holliday and her Walking Gallery project are featured in a new short film. Here it is: The Walking Gallery of Healthcare from Eidolon Films on Vimeo. How a movement begins…

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hc's problem list, patient networks, policy issues, pts as teachers, reforming hc, shared decision making, trends & principles

e-Patient Manifesto: “Patients Included”

In 1517, Martin Luther nailed his “Ninety-Five Theses” to the wooden doors of Wittenberg Cathedral, sparking a global reformation of the Christian faith that’s still going on today. In the 1950s and 1960s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. worked to drive inclusion for all in a society that had long separated people of different backgrounds. […]

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Conference Season: Patients and Caregivers Welcome

We are deep into the fall conference season. One of my favorite trends is the increasing rate of inclusion of patients and caregivers at health care events, on stage or in the audience. The California HealthCare Foundation was a pioneer in this regard. Patients 2.0, an off-shoot of Health 2.0, and e-Patient Connections represent a […]

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Lab Results for All! Of Data Liberation, Participatory Medicine, and Government 2.0

On September 14, HHS released for comment draft lab results regulations that will, if finalized, effectively bathe the Achilles’ heel of health data in the River Styx of ¡data liberación!  Lab results will be made available to patients, just like all other health data.  (See the HHS presser and YouTube video from the consumer health […]

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Who *are* those guys? (Matt Wiggins and Remedy Systems)

How many times have you been at a conference, listening to some panel, when all of a sudden someone says something that snaps you out of your stupor and you think, “Who *is* that guy?” (And if you’re lucky enough to remember Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, please enjoy the following rendition of that […]

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The presence of patients changes public conversations about health care

I’m attending a LOT of conferences this fall and over & over I am seeing the power of having patients in the room. e-Patient Connections was a wonderful and well-documented example (in blogs, on Twitter, plus the large in-person audience) as will be Health 2.0 San Francisco. But the one that turned my head around […]

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