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The OpenNotes project goes wide: a million patients and families enabled by information!

Updated Sept. 6: I’d forgotten that as we posted in June, Cleveland Clinic announced open access too, adding a half million patients to the total. Big news is emerging from the OpenNotes® project: big institutions are making patient access to the medical record Standard Operating Procedure. For the first time, an unprecedented number of patients and […]

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Nursing Alliance for Quality Care kicks off effort to put the patient relationship at the cornerstone of patient safety and quality

Thanks to member Marge Benham-Hutchins RN, PhD for sending us the link to this RWJF initiative I especially liked this principle: This relationship [nurse-patient] is grounded in confidentiality, where the patient defines the scope of the confidentiality. Patients are the best and ultimate source of information about their health status and retain the right to […]

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