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The OpenNotes project goes wide: a million patients and families enabled by information!

Updated Sept. 6: I’d forgotten that as we posted in June, Cleveland Clinic announced open access too, adding a half million patients to the total. Big news is emerging from the OpenNotes® project: big institutions are making patient access to the medical record Standard Operating Procedure. For the first time, an unprecedented number of patients and […]

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“Concern that sharing information with patients may cause sustained psychological distress is probably unfounded”

Cross-posted, with prolog, from the blog of Ted Eytan MD. Yesterday the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s “WIHI” series hosted a terrific webcast on the Open Notes project that’s being funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. (I need to dig up the link to the event’s archive, but I’m in a hurry.) Speakers were Dr. […]

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Making Healthcare Better through Participatory Medicine

There’s new validation that participatory medicine is an idea whose time has come: the co-chairs of the Society for Participatory Medicine (my primary physician Dr. Danny Sands and I) are on this year’s list of 20 People Who Make Healthcare Better, an annual feature of HealthLeaders magazine. We want to acknowledge some of the pioneers who […]

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Why Participatory Medicine?

For most people, their impetus to be actively engaged in healthcare comes from an experience with serious illness—either their own or a loved one’s. My journey into participatory medicine began during my internal medicine residency at Boston City Hospital, a public urban hospital, in the late 1980s.  While there, I had a number of realizations […]

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e-Patients and Participatory Physicians Creating Podcasts

I can barely contain my happiness (oh heck, I’ll let it spill) at this: participatory patients and physicians creating educational content, using free internet software tools, and posting it for people to read (free) around the world. I’m a member of the ACOR kidney cancer patient listserv, and a patient at Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess […]

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E-Patient Discovers Significant Flaws in System, Spin Doctors Get to Work

It is absolutely amazing to watch the unfolding saga the moment a real patient enters real data into Google Health from his hospital’s medical records. The way the marketing folks tell us, this is a seamless exercise that gets you up and running on personal health records (PHRs) like Google Health instantly. The reality, as […]

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