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“Words that annoy, phrases that grate”: BMJ Patient Panel post & tweetchat

We’ve written often here about the BMJ’s leadership on not just listening to patients but looking at healthcare from the patient’s perspective. Their patient partnership campaign, launched in 2014, includes a patient advisory panel that works actively to consult with the editors on several projects, and ongoing discussions lead occasionally to editorials (such as last month’s on […]

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The Doctor as Patient

Charlotte Yeh is the Chief Medical Officer of AARP Services, and has had a long career in government and as a practicing emergency physician. (Our paths first crossed years ago when we were both working on pre-hospital care reform in Massachusetts.) She wrote a piece published in the current issue of Health Affairs about her […]

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In the Spin III: The Smart Resident

My quest for a second qualified opinion on an abnormal mammogram (microcalcifications) began in October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Two days before the end of the year, a sharp surgical resident put an end to the spin. The solution was simple – and not high tech. She got on the phone and spoke to the […]

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