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e-Patient perspective on evolocumab (that new cholesterol study): beyond the headlines

Please cite this post as “by Dave deBronkart, Marilyn Mann and Peter Elias MD” or, on Twitter, “@ePatientDave, @MarilynMann & @PHEski.” Our blog software only allows listing one author but they provided 2/3 of the content. The medical news is abuzz – and your newspapers will be abuzz – with coverage of a study released […]

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e-Patients as journal authors: Sean Ahrens self-experiment published in a major journal

We’d love to start a list of other patient-authored papers and posters – let us know in the comments! We know of Dana M. Lewis & Scott Leibrand’s poster about #OpenAPS in June – who else?? We’ve written before about e-patient Sean Ahrens and the Crohnology community he started.  In my view the most important […]

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In our journal: exploration of gardening to foster engagement in stroke patients

A new article in our Journal of Participatory Medicine explores an area that apparently has had no prior literature: the effect of gardening on how well stroke patients engage in their care. From the abstract: Five main themes were identified from interviews and diaries: 1) the positive experience of nature, 2) therapeutic gardening as a protected self-expression […]

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“Google to offer better symptom search”: Relief at last, or “Here we go again”?

Google announces its next revision of having medical authorities curate its search results. Should we be thrilled or careful?

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Has your doctor ever talked to you like this Oliver Wendell Holmes quote?

A large part of our work here at the Society for Participatory Medicine is about changing culture of healthcare. In such times, I’d useful to look at our roots. Here’s an attitude tidbit from 1871 that our friends at the BMJ published sixteen years ago.   “FOUL,” you say – “That was 145 years ago!” Well, a […]

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White Paper Introduction: “Tech is changing how we think about ourselves” #DocTom10

Next in our #DocTom10 series, which started here. If you haven’t read about Tom’s preface, and the Foreword by Pew Research, we urge you to. Remember, this was all written a decade ago. Today, Tom’s introduction. Please discuss!   The key question we must ask is not what technology will be like in the future, but rather, what we […]

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National Doctors’ Day, clinicians, hacking open access, and remembering an e-patient

Somehow I’d never heard of National Doctors’ Day, but apparently it started 25 years ago, in 1991. As one of many SPM members whose life was saved (or is being helped) by excellent physicians, I’m in! And I want to shine a broader spotlight on the wider class called clinicians (Wikipedia): all sorts of medical professionals […]

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How I became an e-patient: through practice, with coaching (using Lean on the patient side)

The next in our series of “How I became an e-patient” posts. Tyson Ortiz joined a few months ago, having been introduced to us by fellow Lean practitioner Mark Graban. His story weaves together two concurrent threads: learning about a new aspect of Lean, and the arrival in his life of an urgent need for […]

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A hackathon for Open Access?? Check it out!

We’ve often written here about open access medical literature (freely available) vs “paywalled” journals. It’s a controversial subject, and this guest post is about an idea I’ve never heard of: a hackathon to explore the subject. (In the cartoon, “impact factor” refers to another controversial subject: how impressive science considers a journal to be.) Here’s the […]

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Meet Donna Cryer, new co-chair of SPM

At 10 ET today (Feb 25) Donna will be a guest at the White House Precision Medicine Initiative, with several other members of our Society. Watch it on livestream. See also our post on the PMI event a year ago by then-president Nick Dawson. I’m thrilled to announce that after seven years as founding co-chair […]

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