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Beth Israel Deaconess FAQ for their patients reading OpenNotes

Clarification 9/7: The FAQ posted below is of course authored by my hospital, not by me. Several people misunderstood so I edited this and the headline. On Wednesday I posted about the roll-out of OpenNotes to over a million patients and families. That post arose when I myself got notified that Beth Israel Deaconess (my […]

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Medication Management: Experience of Engaged Clinicians and Empowered Patients

The overlap between the clinical aspects of our health journey and behavior of health team members occurs most often in medication management. Effective medication management depends on empowered, informed patients and caregivers prepared for clinician visits, and engaged clinicians skilled at working with activated patients. This strong relationship of health team members advances patient safety, […]

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Benoit Bisson: Being a patient knows no boundaries

Guest blogger Benoit Bisson, a kidney cancer patient, journalist and SPM member in Montréal, offers an international perspective on the participatory medicine movement. He’s @Benoit_Bisson on Twitter; his blog is Guest post submissions are welcome from members of our society; instructions here. As a cancer patient who has been navigating the healthcare system in […]

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Next “doctor as e-patient”: Howard Luks, MD

We’ve sometimes written about doctors as e-patients. (There are a lot!) Here’s the next. SPM member Howard Luks MD, orthopedist, had some symptoms. He spoke to his physician and GI doc, who gave him pills. It didn’t make sense to him. So he did what a lot of us do: “Then I headed onto a […]

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What my mom takes to the doctor

I was talking to Mom (age 80) the other night, and she mentioned a document she updates regularly. She prints a fresh copy to take to every doctor visit, so they’ll always have it up to date and won’t have to go digging. We’ve never discussed topics like “the importance of med reconciliation,” but when […]

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