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“Patients organise and train doctors to provide better care”: patients writing in the BMJ

As SPM advances the cause of patients as responsible drivers of their care, we sometimes hear denials or complaints from physicians who feel that e-patients needy, uninformed, self-centered burdens on busy clinicians’ time. Well, here’s a juicy counter-example – in the BMJ, one of the world’s leading medical journals. Swedish SPM member Sara Riggare is co-author of this […]

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Partnering with patients – about patient centered RESEARCH METHODS

This is a long post, but it strikes deep to the core of the transformation underway in medicine, even in the science that drives medicine. It appears the world is starting to change, in a very good way. We’ve often written about the changing culture of medicine, as the professions begin to understand the value […]

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pts as teachers, research issues

Facial Paralysis, Not Personality Paralysis

Anyone who has doubts about including patients’ input in research studies should talk with Kathleen Bogart, PhD. She focuses on the social ramifications of facial paralysis, both congenital (like Moebius Syndrome) and acquired (like the often partial facial paralysis of Bell’s Palsy or Parkinson’s). She presented her research at the recent Moebius Syndrome Conference in […]

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