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Surgeon: “Participatory Medicine encourages partnership between patient and provider”

I now ask all my patients, at the end of our visits, “Did I get it? Did I successfully answer your questions and address your fears?” Dr. Marc Katz is a cardiac surgeon in Richmond Virginia. His op-ed, ‘Participatory Medicine’ encourages partnership between patient and provider, appears in today’s Richmond Times Dispatch. This is an […]

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Beth Israel Deaconess FAQ for their patients reading OpenNotes

Clarification 9/7: The FAQ posted below is of course authored by my hospital, not by me. Several people misunderstood so I edited this and the headline. On Wednesday I posted about the roll-out of OpenNotes to over a million patients and families. That post arose when I myself got notified that Beth Israel Deaconess (my […]

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HIMSS and S4PM collaborative – Advise us!

As you see in Sarah Krug’s letter above, HIMSS and S4PM entered into a collaboration. I sit (with Ileana Balcu) on HIMSS’ eConnecting with Consumers Committee where we advocated for this partnership. Everyone on the Committee could be a member of S4PM, as they live and breathe our mission in their work and advocacy: Catalyzing collaborative partnerships across […]

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NPSF’s magnificent Universal Patient Compact

Updated 3/12/2014 with new links at bottom. One of my personal pleasures in the first year of the Society for Participatory Medicine has been discovering people in other parts of the “patient culture” who’ve been doing wonderful, empowering, participatory things for years – and who’ve already been producing valuable results for years. Example: the patient […]

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Participatory medicine and health data rights on NPR

NPR’s Morning Edition story, “Patients Turn to Online Buddies for Help Healing,” combined research and real-life examples, participatory medicine and health data rights. Much of what I said during my interview with Joseph Shapiro is based on what I’ve written and read here on, so, first, thank you. I’ve already started answering questions on […]

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Consumer Partnership for eHealth’s thoughts on Meaningful Use

Precursor posts: The “meaningful use” debate (my thoughts); the Markle Foundation’s work on the subject Thanks to Josh Seidman of the Information Therapy Blog for steering me to the “meaningful use” work that’s been done by the Consumer Partnership for eHealth – another great group I’d never heard of. I’m loving the way Web 2.0 […]

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