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From BMJ: The BMJ’s own patient journey – Seeks to promote patient partnership by walking the talk

An interesting editorial in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) describes BMJ’s path to including patients in reviewing the articles and research published in the Journal. I hope this initiative will be successful and copied by the healthcare world. Our new strategy aligns with our “too much medicine” and “open data” campaigns and our support […]

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Patient-family advisors: “Don’t say you volunteer – say it’s pro bono”

Updated 6/4 in response to Tony’s comment, described below. I’m speaking today at the fifth annual Patient & Family Centered Care conference, hosted by PFCC Partners in Long Beach, California. (They’re not related to the similarly named IPFCC.) At today’s lunch panel, a 17 year old patient advisor named Jack, from Flagstaff, Arizona, said he got […]

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“The Patient as Partner” in Medical Research at Radboud University

This encouraging news is adapted from the November cover story of Radboud University’s magazine Radbode (PDF, in Dutch, 1.6MB). Thanks to @LucienEngelen, initiator of this project, for forwarding it to us. Not surprisingly, Lucien’s also the creator of the heavily patient-centric Future of Health conferences, which started with TEDx Maastricht 2011. Editorial note: I heavily edited […]

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Final weeks: Register & attend Regina’s “Partnership WITH Patients” conference

Yes, “Regina” – you know who I mean.:-) You know someone’s a star in the firmament when they gain first-name status. (Especially in healthcare, where “the other Regina” happens to be Surgeon General!) As we reported here in June, Regina Holliday has led a band of patient colleagues and professional partners in creating this event, hosted […]

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Powerful new “Doctor becomes an e-patient” story in Journal of Participatory Medicine

Two years ago we wrote “Let’s hear it for the ‘d-patients’” — doctors who become e-patients themselves. We said “D-patients prove that patient empowerment is anything but anti-doctor. Heck, sometimes it’s a doctor preservation movement.” A new article in our Journal of Participatory Medicine provides a compelling example: A Physician’s Experience as a Cancer of the […]

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Participatory Medicine in Time magazine

Re Time‘s article “Group Therapy” in the February 8, 2010 issue, arriving on newsstands now: Time‘s freelance reporter Bonnie Rochman contacted our Susannah Fox to discuss her remarks at the Institute of Medicine last October.

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Superheroes and rock stars at the Institute of Medicine

Update: National Cancer Policy Forum published a book based on the workshop, A Foundation for Evidence-Based Practice: A Rapid Learning System for Cancer Care, which you can buy, read online for free, or download as a PDF. The discussion portion of this panel was captured in a short video. ___________________ The Institute of Medicine’s recent […]

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Journal of Participatory Medicine and e-Patients

A guest post by John Sharp of the Cleveland Clinic: If you have not read the e-Patient White Paper, you do not understand the future of medicine. Being an e-Patient is beyond being empowered. The subtitle of the paper, “How they can help us heal healthcare,” describes the potential for a revolution of change. Why […]

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