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The OpenNotes project goes wide: a million patients and families enabled by information!

Updated Sept. 6: I’d forgotten that as we posted in June, Cleveland Clinic announced open access too, adding a half million patients to the total. Big news is emerging from the OpenNotes® project: big institutions are making patient access to the medical record Standard Operating Procedure. For the first time, an unprecedented number of patients and […]

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Hm: Because of viewing my visit notes, I did something better.

Earlier this month I wrote that the OpenNotes project had kicked off. It’s important – if you haven’t read about it, please click that link. My primary physician and I are participating, but candidly I didn’t expect to get much out of it: as I told a friend, “I’m not sick!” Yet, the very first […]

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Give patients (that’s you) access to all their (your) data – so they can help

Cross-posted from my website, – the happy home for my new business! I’ve just returned from Toronto, where I gave the opening keynote at the Medicine 2.0 Congress. It was titled “Gimme My Damn Data,” which is an unconventional title for an opening address, but I meant it. Here’s why. A new world of […]

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The I in IT stands for Information

I’ve been thinking a lot about where to take the discussion that’s exploded on my post about moving my data from PatientSite into Google Health. I’m hardly an IT guru, but as I said, I do work with data at my day job. And before we proceed, there’s something I think is a foundation level […]

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