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VIDEO: How Patients are Helping Change Medical Journals: BMJ’s Tessa Richards at MedX 2015

There can be no question that Stanford Medicine X is, head and shoulders, the most patient-oriented medical conference in the world. Susannah Fox first wrote about it here in 2012 after the first annual event, and it’s gotten better every year. I agree with what she wrote about the event’s organizer, Larry Chu MD: “Larry appeared […]

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The Wellsphere Blogging Controversy

You may have heard of the Wellsphere blogging controversy (if not, here’s one take on the issue, and here’s another from a different perspective). In a nutshell, Wellsphere went to bloggers in the health world and asked them if they could syndicate their blog entries on the Wellsphere website. In exchange, Wellsphere promised no cash, […]

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For Sale: Revolution Health

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