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50 million more patients to get OpenNotes! Huge win for empowered partnership!

Big news: a multi-foundation $10 million grant will spread OpenNotes access to fifty million more patients! Nearly 20% of America will have full access to their providers’ visit notes, so they can review them from anywhere! Regular readers know we’ve always been loud fans of the OpenNotes project. Initially funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation […]

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From OpenNotes to OurNotes: New project heads toward *real* participatory medicine

I’m beyond thrilled. Way beyond thrilled. This is going to take some figuring out, but is this what we’ve been striving toward, or what?? For years we’ve written here about the OpenNotes study (, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which established that when patients can read their doctors’ unedited visit notes – the hairy detailed medicalese […]

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Ted Eytan: Update on “Gimme My [image] Data” from Group Health

As Meaningful Use rolls out, and providers are required to share data with us, there are a lot of concerns about whether their lives will spin out of control as patients besiege them with ignorant questions. We’ve discussed this in our many posts about the OpenNotes project and about releasing lab results directly to patients. […]

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“OpenNotes” project begins: what happens when patients can see the physician’s visit notes?

The opening anecdote of the e-patient white paper tells of a patient who impersonated a doctor in 1994, to get his hands on an article about an operation he was about to have. He got busted. Two years later episode 139 of Seinfeld had something similar – Kramer impersonates a doctor to try to get […]

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