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Astounding #RareDisease e-patient story: Jill Viles, via @SusannahFox tweets

Longtime readers of this blog know that for years Susannah Fox was its heart and soul. She was a devoted friend of “Doc Tom” Ferguson, creator of the e-patient concept in the 1990s, and for years at Pew Research she was the dependable guru of Pew’s health research. (For a summary of her work see […]

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VIDEO: How Patients are Helping Change Medical Journals: BMJ’s Tessa Richards at MedX 2015

There can be no question that Stanford Medicine X is, head and shoulders, the most patient-oriented medical conference in the world. Susannah Fox first wrote about it here in 2012 after the first annual event, and it’s gotten better every year. I agree with what she wrote about the event’s organizer, Larry Chu MD: “Larry appeared […]

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Perfect @ADrane graphic on the misalignment of industry’s & patients’ perspective

From the Health 2.0 conference in Silicon Valley yesterday – the best tweet and slides EVER that illuminate the difference between medicine’s view of the problem and patients’ experience. SPM co-founder Susannah Fox took pictures of two excellent slide by @ADrane, Alexandra Drane: Here are Susannah’s photos of the slides, blown up:

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BREAKING: Susannah Fox is HHS’s new Chief Technology Officer

A quick first post, copied from Facebook: “Hugest news EVER! Susannah Fox​ is the new Chief Technology Officer at U.S. Department of Health and Human Services​. How amazing is that??” My comment on Susannah’s short post: “This wins my prize as the biggest government-based Mazel Tov in the history of the e-patient movement!  Bringing heart […]

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“My Health Counts: e-Patients” to premier on WNED!

This is the big update to our preview post last November. There’s a stage in a movement where it starts to get serious media coverage, and ours is coming of age. We’ve documented the progress: 2009: Susannah Fox was on NPR’s Morning Edition: Participatory medicine and health data rights on NPR 2010: Time reported on SPM […]

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Going Viral Against HIV and STIs

The New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute, in partnership with, held a one-day forum on social media, HIV, and sexually transmitted infections (STI) that turned out to be an unfiltered discussion of love, truth, and technology. Why was it so smoking hot? And is this unique to conferences (or panels) about sexual […]

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The Future of Health: Robots, Enchanted Objects, and Networks

I have seen the future of health and it’s networks (with apologies to Lincoln Steffens). Chronic disease is exploding in the U.S. The number of primary care health professionals is declining. Behavior change is difficult. But what are we going to do about it? Here are three ideas I’ve brought back from my travels: robots, […]

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The Decision Tree: How Better Health Can Scale

“The internet was created to connect people and groups. The first step is to share stories. The next step is to share quantitative observations.” “Health care has been locked up in regulatory amber. HIPAA was passed in 1996, almost perfectly timed to cut off health care from the internet. But there is a loophole: to […]

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Participatory Medicine in Time magazine

Re Time‘s article “Group Therapy” in the February 8, 2010 issue, arriving on newsstands now: Time‘s freelance reporter Bonnie Rochman contacted our Susannah Fox to discuss her remarks at the Institute of Medicine last October.

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Stupid Cancer Show

Listen in at 9pm Eastern on Monday, 12/14, to The Stupid Cancer Show.  Host Matthew Zachary will interview Edward Shin, MD, founder of Healogica, Inc., Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, a health economist and blogger, and… me!

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