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Quiz: When was “Enriching the relationship by inviting the patient perspective” published?

Do not go look this up. I’ll post the answer tomorrow. We on this blog know Dr. Tom Delbanco as, among other things, the “father” of OpenNotes, along with “co-parent” Jan Walker, RN MBA. (For a history lesson, Tom’s also the lead author on the wonderful 2001 paper “Healthcare in a Land Called PeoplePower,” which […]

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OpenNotes on stage at live Washington Post event

Tuesday morning in Washington, the Post hosted a 2-1/2 hour event on improving healthcare, with numerous speakers on several topics. Of special interest to SPM is this 26 minute segment that includes OpenNotes, which we’ve often written about. OpenNotes director Tom Delbanco is one of the three speakers. He describes the historic origin of OpenNotes and […]

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